About Zmitut 81 סמן


Zmitut 81 Ltd. has been dealing for over sixty years in the processing and supply of processed stone, available in a number of shades for modern, decorative purposes. In addition, the company specializes in processing stone for mineral use in the glass, chemical, plastics, paint, construction, and desalination industries. This includes nutrition additives for livestock feeds, and more. The company operates several quarries, from which it extracts its high quality stone, which meets the standards required in various industries in Israel and abroad.

The main minerals, based on natural stone that are processed in the plant, are calcium carbonate (CaCo3), calcite, dolomite, basalt, and quartz. Stone processing and sorting for the different requirements and purposes takes place in sophisticated facilities at the new Zmitut Plant in the industrial zone of Tamra in the Western Galilee.

Using state of the art technology (several production lines operate in the plant), we are capable of meeting all the currently existing production requirements. Processing lines include washing of aggregates, as well as an advanced system for drying and mixing mineral substances.






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