Nutritional additives for livestock feed

סמן  Nutritional additives for livestock feed


 תוספי מזון לבעלי חיים

Many of the livestock feed supplements produced and marketed in Israel are the products of Zmitut. Most of the materials are based on a unique limestone that is carefully sorted and regulated in a one of its kind process at the Zmitut plant. We produce and market calcium, "Sidanit", calcium granules, floury calcium, calcium salt, and salt for all manufacturers, including the various manufactures that use these products as nutritional supplements in livestock feed.


The wide variety of production possibilities, combined with several different production lines, allows Zmitut to humor different users. The company has also a state of the art drying and mixing system, which is an exceptional installation in itself, that allows a unique processing solution for calcium salt products. The system also produces other products, while conducting accurate mixing and weighing.


The fact that we market calcium products, in a variety of sizes, as well as the salt products of the Dead Sea Works, for which we are the exclusive distributors, in addition to the minerals, such as D.C.P., urea, ammonium sulfate and non-protein nitrogen, produced by ICL Fertilizers Ltd., has led to a situation where all manufacturers of dietary supplements for livestock as well as other users of minerals have one large source that promises high quality and readily available service of the highest level for all the minerals produced in Israel today. Thus, customers can reduce costs significantly and streamline the inventory management of their orders.



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